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Bitcoin SV and NEO continue upward; HBAR begins bearish run



Bitcoin SV and NEO continue the bull run; HBAR starts a bearish run
Source: Unsplash

Bitcoin has been trending upward lately; the coin crossed the $7,000 level on April 19. Similarly, altcoins like BSV, BCH ETH have also been trending upwards. However, other coins like ETC, XMR, NEO that showed good recovery signs post the big market crash have started a bearish run.

Bitcoin SV

Source: BSV/USD, TradingView

As seen in the above chart, Bitcoin SV has been trending downward since February, and the bearish run was further fueled by the market crash on March 12; the coin fell by 54% reaching $113 from $300. However, starting March 20, the coin started an uptrend and has been on a bull run since then. CMF indicator confirms another bull run in the coming days.

Resistance:$258.19, $370.58
Support:$180.79, $146.58

At press time:

Market Cap:$3,638,035,351
24-hour trading volume: $2,163,549,960

Hedera Hashgraph

Source: HBAR/USD, TradingView

Hedera Hashgraph saw a whopping 265.36% rise during the start of Feb 2020. However, the coin started trending downward in no time. The coin fell further down by 56% during the March market crash and has found support at $0.03 for over three weeks now. Awesome Oscillator resting below the zero line hints at another potential downward breakout.

Resistance:$0.041, $0.059, $0.069
Support:$0.03, $0.01

At press time:

Price: $0.03
Market Cap:$130,841,488
24-hour Trading Volume:$5,270,453


Source: NEO/USD, TradingView

NEO managed to recover and rise and has been trending upwards since March 19. The price chart hint at another bull and this is further confirmed by MACD which reveals a potential bullish crossover. Additionally, contracting Bollinger Bands indicate less volatility in the coming days.

Resistance: $8.2, $9.5, $16.72
Support: $6.93, $5.37

At press time:

Price: $7.74
Market Cap:$549,873,384
24-hour Trading Volume:$461,622,443

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