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Binance U.S. to offer institutional liquidity via Tagomi partnership



Binance U.S. to offer institutional liquidity via Tagomi partnership
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Binance U.S., the American arm of Binance cryptocurrency exchange recently announced partnership with crypto brokerage firm Tagomi for offering institutional liquidity to U.S. clients. According to the official statement,

“With our Tagomi partnership, Binance.US will take a large step forward in bridging market demand for a wider range of digital assets. We hope to gain additional momentum with strategic partnerships that add liquidity and broader access to the U.S. marketplace.”

Hinting towards the partnership’s motive, Marc Bhargava, President of Tagomi stated that large funds, venture capitalists and family offices in the U.S. need secure access to participate in the crypto market as global players. He further added,

“Binance.US is tilting the odds in their favor by offering Americans broader asset exposure.”

Detailing on the business workflow, Binance U.S. reported that the exchange will offer institutional traders on Tagomi’s platform increased access to on-demand liquidity. Currently, Tagomi (as a crypto brokerage) submits trade orders across several exchanges to offer its users the lowest price possible on select trading pairs. In this regard, Catherine Coley, CEO of Binance U.S. stated,

“Binance.US is focused on lowering the barriers to entry and cultivating a new class of crypto investors. Institutional traders in the U.S. present an outsized demand that is currently not being met. Our partnership with Tagomi falls directly in line with our mission to make the U.S. a global leader in the growth of the digital asset market.”

Additionally, Coley also highlighted that the partnership will help educate new and sophisticated traders on the wealth of opportunities cryptocurrencies present, “well beyond simple investment vehicles.”

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