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Kimcoin eliminates Bitcoin’s scalability issues: Kim Dotcom



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Kim Dotcom has been pioneering the fight for Internet freedom with his crypto-rewards platform,, being the latest venture in this regard. Dotcom featured on a recent Crypto Lark interview to discuss the Internet’s original promise of delivering “freedom of speech, freedom of commerce and freedom of finance,” something which he believes can be fulfilled through technology and innovation.

Claiming platform is a “significant player in the crypto-space,” Dotcom highlighted that his platform will support Bitcoin transactions among other cryptocurrencies, and provide users with added benefits for using its in-house token, Kimcoin.

Dotcom also claimed that through the platform, he had created a “masterpiece” that is going to be as “disruptive and beautiful as everything I’ve done in the past.” As a disclaimer to the company’s expected growth, Dotcom added,

“The adoption rate may be a bit slower because we talking about crypto here, which is still a niche on the internet, but this product is going to open up crypto for many more people and actual use case where you can utilize a crypto for something that is useful to you.”

Dotcom also clarified his reason for not using Bitcoin and instead, creating Kimcoin based on the Bitcoin sidechain, instead of ERC-20. He added that the company is looking for a “technology that will eliminate Bitcoin’s scalability issues and provide high speed, real-time payments.”

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