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Bitcoin transferred to the wallet of known sextortion scam

Mark Prestwood



Bitcoin transferred to the wallet of known sextortion scam, shocks crypto community
Source: Pixabay

The transfer of Bitcoin to a well-known sextortion scam’s wallet resulted in a complaint being filed against the wallet address 1MPtCfynYQjJSCzzXC5t9JEsrsacPMF28H. This was 49th report filed.

As BTC maintained its steady growth, whales have become wildly active in the market. Whale Alert, one of the web’s major cryptocurrency transaction trackers, shared the news of this transfer on Twitter. The tweet read,

“A payment of 0.105 BTC (1,046 USD) has been made to a known Sextortion Scam!”

The transaction occurred between wallet address bc1qgelr0ue07nz5tsjvmv2ncrrtjgay0w9pygdj8d and sextortion scam wallet address 1MPtCfynYQjJSCzzXC5t9JEsrsacPMF28H. Timestamp for the transaction was 15:22:28 UTC, 11 September 2019 as hash recorded for the transaction was f2bd7a7cc170c5180a22ae216a5aed81945c0a6b168e937f0dd4ad0b7b16c5df.

This transaction was deemed successful in 117 confirmations over Bitcoin blockchain. 0.00001771 BTC was charged to complete the transaction of 0.105 BTC. #594362 was the block height recorded for the transaction.

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