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XRPL hits a milestone after closing 50 millionth ledger



XRPL hits a milestone after closing 50 millionth ledger as it continued to embroil in forking controversy
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In what is being touted as a milestone for the XRP ecosystem, the decentralized XRP ledger [XRPL] closed its 50 millionth ledger index on September 13th. A deeper look at the XRP ledger explorer showed that the 50 millionth ledger contained 46 transactions and the total processing fee stood at 0.6006 XRP.

Source: XRPL

Nik Boughalis, cryptographer & software engineer leading the C++ team at Ripple, tweeted,

XRP Ledger takes the lead

In another feat for the open-sourced ledger, XRPL, which is capable of sustaining a throughput of 1,500 transactions per second, had recently executed 370 transactions in ledger index 49624361 in the early hours of 28th August. The closing time for the ledger was just 3.5 seconds with processing fee totaling up to 26.27 XRP which was more than 105 transactions per second. XRP ledger has seen a gradual but significant growth in terms of transactions processed per second.

According to the following data from BitInfoCharts, the figures for XRP transactions appeared positive.

Source: BitInfoCharts | XRP Transactions

Despite ongoing disputes in the XRP community over forking, the decentralized ledger created by has continued to significantly contribute to the ecosystem.

Single ledger supporting multiple cryptocurrencies

In addition to processing XRP transactions within seconds, at minimum costs, XRPL was also capable of processing transactions for other assets as well. For instance, when 200000.0 ETH was sent across the XRP ledger on August 28th. The development was revealed by a Twitter handle named @DevNullProd, which was a software production agency, specializing in XRP intelligence.

To celebrate the milestone reached by XRP Ledger, @DevNullProd created a series of 5 puzzles, one at time. It required the contestants to solve and submit the response [via instructions which will be posted in the future] to enter a pool which will randomly select winners. The first challenge was posted in August.

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