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Tether margin futures to be launched by OKEx soon



Tether margin futures to launch over OKEx's trading platform
Source: Pixabay

OKEx is said to be laying down a roadmap for launching Tether (USDT) margin futures, according to reports. The exact schedule for launching Tether margin futures is still under wraps. As margin futures contracts are a type of derivative product that permit traders to utilize the asset effectively, integration of USDT in the margins futures contract will push the use of futures contracts between the traders efficiently.

Previously, Binance, the world’s biggest exchange in terms of trading volume, also initiated a futures trading platform, popularly known as the Binance Futures. Currently, this platform supports BTC/USDT futures.

OKEx recently made headlines, when Jay Hao, CEO of OKEx debunked BTI’s research, which claimed that the exchange was involved in wash-trading. Previously, OKEx’s Korea shut its doors to Monero and Dash due to international regulations.

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