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MakerDAO is gaining traction where the local currency is very volatile



'MakerDAO is gaining traction where the local currency is very volatile'
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When it comes to diversifying investment portfolio, the crypto ecosystem caters to the need of every type of investor depending on their specific needs. In this regard, MakerDAO’s Head of Business Development, Gregory Di Prisco, highlighted that as long as every asset added is not directly related to either, it will reduce the risk of the overall portfolio. As a result, while Maker holders are incentivized to keep their portfolio stable, he added,

“The way to maximize profits is by, over time, getting as efficient as possible with radicalization, ratios and stability fees.”

Di Prisco also opined that there is no perfect system although he did ask to look out for milestones that include long term infrastructure and growth and sustainability. He further stressed upon the importance of decentralization as he argued that without it, “you are ultimately always tethered to the legacy Michelangelo system” that can witness only incremental upgrades from time to time. Adding to it, he said,

“Currently we only have traction in countries where the local currency is very volatile. So for instance, we have seen lot of traction in Argentina.”

MakerDAO’s most immediate roadmap involves the creation of a ‘governance infrastructure’ that will ensure that a user’s portfolio will not clash in between collateral investments.

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