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Kyiv Blockchain Forum will focus on crypto industry’s growth till 2019

Yash Rajan



KYIV BLOCKCHAIN FORUM will focus on crypto industry's growth till 2019
Source: Kyiv Blockchain Forum 2019

December, 18th 2019, in IQ Business Center [Bolsunovska str, 13/15] – will be held the IX Kyiv Blockchain Forum, an international event devoted to Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency sphere.

 Two threads of the Forum will allow everyone to find themselves in crypto-reality, we will discuss:

  1. legalization of cryptocurrencies – establishing the first law on the regulation of digital assets
  2. a guide for beginners – how to buy crya ptocurrency and not spend a penny
  3. Nutrition ntelektualno moisture
  4. put the blockchain technology in real business
  5. Blockchain rozrobka – smart contracts that vlasna

The forum welcomes high-quality content, a friendly community and an atmosphere of perception of the ideals of cryptographic freedom.

Aeneas political blockchain startup will offer users the opportunity to raise funds and implement their socially-oriented political projects, including lobbying community interests and try to collaborate with the prediction market.

A demonstration area will allow industry representatives to showcase their achievements and developments of 2019, while visitors will be introduced to cutting-edge technologies and have a chance to meet their creators in a relaxed atmosphere.

The event will be interesting to everyone who is not indifferent to the sphere of crypto, who is open to the new and is ready to create Blockchain Reality with us!

The schedule of the event and list of speakers could be discovered on the official website.

To book tickets [600 Ukrainian hryvnas] visit here.

The organizer of Kyiv Blockchain Forum: Gesellberg Cryptofinance – Facebook.

Follow Blockchain Forum on Facebook, Phone: +380 97 939 13 33 and Email.

Disclaimer: This is a partnered event.

An Advertising and Public Relations graduate, Yash focuses on UK and Indian markets. As a content writer, his interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.

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