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Justin Sun says TRON mainnet attacked, block production was suspended



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CEO of Tron foundation Justin Sun said in a tweet today that that TRON’s network was “back to normal,” after he revealed on twitter that its mainnet had actually been attacked today by a “malicious contract” during the network’s upgrade:

During the 4.1 version upgrade period, the #TRON Mainnet was attacked by a malicious contract on 2020.11.02 at 06:14 (HKT).

According to him, the attacker initiated malicious transactions, and that caused TRON’s “super representative,” was forced to suspend the production of new blocks during the attack. The super representative is a trusted TRON delegate who plays a key role in governing TRON community by ensuring basic functions, such as block generation and bookkeeping, as well as validating transactions. Sun said in a tweet: 

TRON Foundation has not yet made an official statement about the incident at press time, however, the CEO continued to reassure users in a tweet stating that the network was now functioning normally and that its data and users’ assets were intact: 

After 08:29, the main network gradually resumed block production, and finally, the whole network returned to normal at 9:40. The data on the chain remains intact and user assets are absolutely safe. #SAFU

A reddit user had posted earlier today that TRON network was down and that no new blocks were reported. Other users chimed in confirming the same and revealed that the blockchain had crashed for three whole hours with the attack lasting from 22:14 UTC on Sunday, Nov. 1 to 01:40 UTC today morning. Furthermore, Sun added to his tweets by stating that the network’s attackers were trying to profit from the suspension of the network’s block production. He further claimed that the TRON community “responded immediately.” 

TRON’s price dropped by almost 3% following Sun’s announcement.

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