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Ethereum Classic’s Agharta upgrade gets support from Binance



Source: Pixabay

Ethereum Classic’s network update Agharta has been scheduled to take place on 12 January and it has been receiving support from various exchanges, clients, mining pools, etc. Binance announced its support for Agharta on 10 January 2020.

The exchange announced:

“Binance will support the upcoming ETC Agharta Network Upgrade. Deposits and withdrawals of ETC will be suspended starting from 2020/01/11 0:00 AM (UTC). Please note that trading of ETC will not be affected during the upgrade.”

Until recently, the ETC protocol upgrade did not receive much support from its ecosystem, owing to the holiday season. However, the countdown page for the upgrade noted that almost 51% of its clients were ready for the upgrade.

Source: etc nodes

Source: etc nodes

On 8 January, when the network alerted the node operators to update their nodes to stay in consensus with the rest of the ETC network, only 36% of its clients were prepared. At press time, ETC client, besu was the only one reporting its 100% readiness, while Parity-Ethereum noted that it was 67% ready.

Agharta also received support from Huobi, a cryptocurrency exchange as it announced on Thursday. The exchange noted that it will suspend the deposits and withdrawals, and acceptance of ETC new margin trading loan services on 12 January at 12:00. Huobi, joined the likes of Bitfinex, Bibox, HitBTC, Bittrex, and Coinbase, who have already given a green light to the upgrade.

The upgrade will add Ethereum Constantinople’s opcodes to the ETC mainnet and the CREATE2 opcode will enable the use of state channels implementation.

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