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Crypto trading will be fully regulated in 3 years: CEO



Bitcoin demonstrated feasible method to give back human right
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Kris Marszalek, the CEO of, recently featured in an Off the Chain podcast to share the idea of working in collaboration to spread cryptocurrency to masses. Additionally, he highlighted how has been offering services familiar to traditional finance such as payment cards to help users “absorb” the cryptocurrency landscape. Marszalek further claimed,

“If we fast forward three years from today, crypto trading is going to be fully regulated.”

Marszalek also said that in order to stay at par with crypto space, the traditional fintech giants will not risk acquiring cryptocurrency startups as upcoming regulations might cause roadblocks for the organizations. The entrepreneur also spoke about the ongoing social unrest in Hong Kong, but surprisingly, stated that it has not impacted the crypto business as compared to when Argentina imposed restrictions on cryptocurrency.

Marszalek stated that Bitcoin has successfully demonstrated a feasible method to give back the basic human right of “controlling the money, data and your identity.”

While further highlighting Bitcoin’s unstoppable nature as far as regulations are concerned, Marszalek  believed that entrepreneurs must work towards applying similar technologies into other areas of life, claiming “they know more about you than your mother”. Sharing his vision of the near future, Marszalek said that global communities will eradicate differences and grow smaller in terms of being tightly connected.

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