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BTC worth $78 million moved amid altcoin price surge

Shirly McCoy



Source: Pixabay

Amidst the rise of the altcoins’ price, online cryptocurrency transaction tracker, Whale Alert revealed that 7,800 BTCs worth $78 million were on the move.

Whale Alert shared the update with the community through its official Twitter handle. The tweet read,

“7,800 #BTC (78,957,303 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet.”

The transaction was carried out on the Bitcoin blockchain at 13:38:05 UTC on 18 September 2019. The transaction took place between wallet address 3KzXtsdodEycyfnzsrPAFgiDrXEHQ2bQby, who sent 7,800.262 BTC to wallet address 37Kbnc7dkB8AiqGfGHgeqKkgd3C65EwqE9 in 2 confirmations. Additionally the hash of the transaction was 18d4d97b4d59d6e2b327b65535fc3adcbfcab71442327c777ea09029682126fc and the fee of the transaction was 0.0018 BTC which is 18.35 USD.

The final balance on the receiving end was 205,193.88965712 BTC which is about 2,08,98,90,705 USD, while the sender had no balance left in the account. The block height for this enormous transaction was #595450.

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