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Yanda, the automated crypto trading platform is all set to take on the crypto investment sector in 2020

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Yanda, the crypto trading platform is all set to taken on the crypto investment sector in 2020

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Let’s be honest and say that manual trading is dead. If you are looking into trading Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies but you are scared of doing it, it means that you should learn how to automate your trading. Automating removes the personal emotion connected to that trade. This means no more being worried if you are entering or exiting a trade at the wrong time.

The current crisis showed you that the right investment might turn your wealth from poverty to ultra-rich, but you also saw the contrary happening quite often. Let’s learn how to avoid losses first.

While digital investments available all have unlimited potential, a few of those are profitable and might turn your portfolio into a six-figure one. Stocks, commodities, oil, are all risky investments demonstrated by the Corona pandemic where we have seen traditional investment markets fall drastically. 

Cryptocurrencies have been generating wealth since 2009 and they are on the edge of major success. Investing in crypto means investing in technologies, you have to be ready to learn more about this world which is expanding at an incredible speed! 

With this article, we are not promoting investment in crypto (you should decide autonomously or suggested by professionals with actual experience in that field). Our aim is to show you the tools you need to make it profitable. 

Like trading, the stock or forex markets investing in crypto has its challenges, especially as crypto markets never sleep. Unlike most ‘traditional well known’ ways of investing where markets close at the end of the day and normally only operate Monday to Friday, cryptocurrencies never sleep. Imagine trying to trade manually on markets that never stop. You simply can’t compete.

That’s why in 2015 the CEO of imagined a tool to solve his crypto trading problems, and the good news is this tool is now available for everyone at!

We had the opportunity to interview the CEO of Yanda, Mario Stumpo to find out a little bit more about this intellectual platform. 

Tell us the story of how Yanda became what it is today. 

The main reason why I have created Yanda was to solve the problems that I faced while trading cryptocurrencies. That was back in 2013/14. At that time I had a full-time job and was studying for my third master’s degree. I felt that I was missing profitable opportunities while I was at work (or anywhere far from my laptop). 

I started looking into the API documentation of the different crypto-exchanges I was using and I realised that to get the most out of my trading, I had to automate my crypto trading. So, during my spare time, I started learning how to do it.

My biggest fortune was to find immediately other people that, for similar reasons, shared my vision of creating a software that would solve the problems of many crypto traders. Jonathan Price and Samir Allous were among the first  to join my cause, and together we developed the very first set of tools for Yanda. 

Soon, we realized that what we had created not only worked, but it was working better than other automating trading software out there. 

We started to share between trading friends and it wasn’t long before they were also reporting back with better trading success rates. That’s when I knew we had created something that had great potential which could also help alternative crypto-traders around the world do the same. 

In 2016, the first prototype of an all-in-one automated crypto-trading platform was created and since then, it has grown to have over 12000 registered users while processing over $50,000,000 million in trading volume. 

With Yanda, you can now trade across multiple exchanges without the need of moving your funds. Traders can use their API keys to connect their trading accounts from platforms such as Binance and trade automatically across all of them.

How does Yanda help new traders to the crypto world, and seasoned traders, trade better? 

Our principal aim has always been to make Yanda available to all kinds of traders, from novices to experts, and allow them to collaborate and generate wealth. 

With, you can create, copy, and share your trading strategies across the platform and even on social media like Twitter. You can even follow us if you like. 

We have a way for everyone to get into trading cryptocurrencies successfully. One way is by using Personal Automated Trading Software (PATS). Here you can customize your very own automated trading strategy. Another way to trade on Yanda is to Copy Trade. This feature allows you to copy one of the top traders on the Yanda leaderboard.

That’s right; we have a leaderboard and it’s not just showing you who’s at the top! We believe in transparency, so all our traders are on there. It shows how long they have been with us, how active they are, which strategies and pairs they are trading, and of course, it shows the profits they are scoring.

 To copy a trading strategy means someone has to share a strategy. Sharing your crypto strategies allows you to earn extra credits to pay your future automation fees. You will earn 100% of the 20% fee when some copies of your trading strategy.  Another great thing I’d like to point out is that we have a 97% trading success rate among our users. You don’t see many companies able to say that! 

So, what are the fees to use Yanda’s automation service? 

Good question. Unlike other crypto automation companies that charge a monthly subscription of $50 or some even $100+ a month, we believe that you should only pay for performance. That’s why if you trade with us and your strategy doesn’t see green, you don’t pay anything! 

In short, you top up your Yanda account with Yanda Credit (our service token) and once you start a strategy, you pay a 20% fee of the ‘expected’ profits.’ For example, If you trade $1000 and you expect to make a 1% profit, you would pay $2 in automation fees. However, you would make $8 from using our trading system. 

If your strategy doesn’t profit, we return the fee to your account so you will not pay for profits you didn’t score. 

Tell us about the technology behind Yanda and why your traders are so successful?

Yanda integrates multiple exchanges via API keys so users do not have to jump from one tab in a browser to another, making multiple logins to trade crypto. The use of API keys is a strong method when it comes to the security of the trader’s funds. Traders’ funds never leave their exchange accounts and that’s how Yanda allows traders to create, copy, and share automated trading strategies without making a deposit. 

To provide a fair offer to traders, Yanda doesn’t charge a monthly or a yearly fee for its trading services. Yanda allows traders to pay only when they score profits through automation. To do that, the company behind Yanda runs a private blockchain based on the Multichain protocol and issues a service token. To trade with Yanda, users must have this service token. 

The platform has now seen over 20,000 trading strategies running and kept a 97% success rate throughout. The reason behind that is related to the outstanding activity of the entire team by making the platform easy to use. The copy trading feature is a good way for novice traders to start automating their sessions and to make profits leverage on the collective knowledge of Yanda traders. 

Let’s talk about current world events and automated crypto trading – Why do you think as a company you haven’t been affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic, you have even seen an increase in traders joining, correct?  

Yes, we have seen an increase in users joining our platform. Our thoughts are that this is down to the quarantine and millions of people being stuck at home. Many have unfortunately taken salary cuts, and some are even losing their jobs. People have been looking for alternative ways to invest and make money online.

Now, I want to point out that crypto trading is NOT a get rich scheme and nor is an automated trading, but with Yanda, you can earn a much better rate on your investments than with a bank and most other investment opportunities out there. This is due to keeping full control over your money.

People have experienced that since COVID-19 hit, shops, bars, airports, and borders are all closed, leaving many businesses in a terrible position whereby thousands will go out of business. People need to know that there are other options out there to produce better-investing results. 

Tell us about your strategic goals regarding the global market. Also, what’s in store for Yanda in 2020? Tell us about investor relationships and growth, new features, etc. 

2020 started with a global crisis that is still going on and aims to let traders enjoy a superb UX with new features that are trader-centric. The goal is to introduce Machine Learning algorithms to help traders gain a better understanding of the past, current, and future trends. From simply copying a strategy to creating one that includes AI algorithms, Yanda will provide an automated trading service that will have very few rivals. Yanda’s team created a platform that gives everyone the ability to trade crypto-markets 24/7 without the need to code!

After the experience with the start-up acceleration program carried with StartupYard in 2018, the company recently received further investments for developing and increasing its online visibility. Nestholma and StartupYard are the investors that backed Yanda during its latest investment round to reshape the crypto-trading industry together. In fact, Nestholma invested in Yanda after browsing over 400 crypto startups! I believe that the decision was made due to the excellent skills which the team at Yanda have exhibited.

Like with anything new, we know that there is still a learning curve for our users. That is why Chris Wyatt and Ilaria Morelli from our marketing team are continuing to record new tutorial videos on our YouTube channel, while hosting training webinars and even posting on the new Yanda blog which we just launched.

As a thank you to the people reading this interview would you like to offer a special promotion?

Yes, I am happy to. Since the team at Yanda are keen to show the automated trading potentials we’d like everyone to try out the platform and start getting into crypto trading. Traders can claim  $5 of Yanda Credit to try Yanda’s automation platform out for free. This will be enough to pay automation fees up to $25 in profits. Remember, if you don’t see green, you don’t pay anything. 

How to claim your $5:

  1. Register on
  2. Connect your exchanges (see how)
  3. You will receive your $5 dollars immediately after you connect your first exchange!

May The Profits Be With You!  

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered as news/advice.


A Psychology and Journalism graduate, Rakshitha focuses on UK and Indian markets. As a crypto-journalist, her interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.
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