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XRP worth over $4 million moved as whales continue to wake up from dormancy



XRP whales move native coin worth more than $4 million as the crypto market continues its sideways movement
Source: Pixabay

With Bitcoin maintaining its value above the $10,000 mark, the cryptocurrency market saw a surge in the number of transactions between unknown wallets. Despite the sideways movement of the market, the movement of capital between users and wallets continued to surge. The most recent of significant whale transfers involves XRP, yet another sign of how Ripple’s partnership with MoneyGram may have awakened the XRP whales form their dormancy.

Whale Alert, one of the web’s more popular cryptocurrency transaction trackers, shared news of the transfer of 17,908,786 XRP between wallets over its official Twitter handle,

“17,908,786 #XRP [4,870,627 USD] transferred from Ripple to unknown wallet”

This transaction was carried out over Ripple blockchain and was deemed successful. The transaction happened in 12 drops between Ripple’s wallet address rBg2FuZT91C52Nny68houguJ4vt5x1o91m and wallet address rNuKBtmumyNpwRUAGD71zwShDvfLorhLHb with a fee of 0.000012 XRP. With a timestamp of 17:19:11 UTC, 26 August 2019, the transaction hash was recorded to be A19EEE30F0787D5C9CC81978920051E256E815F3654105FED8C0E23AC1FD54F1. The block height of the transaction was #49610864.

It is evident from the most recent, and previous XRP transactions, that XRP whales have become active as the larger cryptocurrency market continues to go on a wild, roller-coaster ride. With Ripple’s price showing few positive signs above the $0.2600 support, such significant whale movements may eventually trigger a significant price movement.

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