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Nasdaq to efficiently track tokenized issuance using the Bitcoin logic



Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems lay foundation for Nasdaq's tokenized assets
Source: Pixabay

Nasdaq has taken charge to stand as the gateway for infusing crypto-related services. While the company has taken an aggressive step toward delivering decentralized finance, Johan Toll, Head of Digital Assets at NASDAQ Market Technology featured in an interview to share insights on Nasdaq’s tokenized assets. While explaining the inner-workings of the technology, Toll said,

“We all know about Bitcoin and Ethereum. We are applying similar logic onto the financial assets and that’s why we call them tokenized assets.”

As an example, Toll compared the issuance of diamonds with an equivalent certificate that “corresponds exactly to your diamond.” He also highlighted that “you can clearly show who is owning this certificate ” once the information is put up on a distributed ledger. Hinting at Nasdaq’s affection towards the crypto technology,

“You can actually build a complete solution covering the whole life cycle of a digital asset through the blockchain environment.”

While confirming Nasdaq’s heavy interest toward investigating into this (tokenization) area, Toll claimed that “the tokenization of assets is a much sought after solution for the moment. It’s taking off in new markets outside the traditional complex financial arena.”

Concluding the topic, the entrepreneur shared that the tokenization of assets would be more prevalent in less regulated or non-regulated assets, and primarily on the spot market. Moreover, this type of offering is well-positioned to flourish in markets that demand immediate settlement.

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