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Integrating value into blockchain: Meet the Bithumb family & chain at the Bithumb Family Conference

Shirly McCoy



Integrating value into blockchain: Meet the Bithumb family & chain at the Bithumb Family Conference
Source: Bithumb

Bithumb family successfully hosted their first Bithumb Family Conference in Seoul on November 6th, 2019.

Bithumb family as a concept made its debut at the event, as well as Bithumb Chain and the mechanism between the two. The CEO of Bithumb provided a keynote speech, which was followed by an explanation about Bithumb Family. Ushering in the new initiative of Bithumb Global was Sunny Ng, with her speech on the Bithumb Global Unleash Plan. Javier Sim, co-founder and managing director at Bithumb Global, was present to unveil Bithumb Chain, which empowers Bithumb Family and its core values.

The heads of the 9 substations of Bithumb family then received an introduction at the event. More than 300 guests were in attendance, and the event brought together great minds from top exchanges, blockchain projects, institutional investors, renowned media outlets, industry opinion leaders.

Javier Sim, co-founder and Managing Director of Bithumb Global said,

“Bithumb Global aims to bring together and unite all the crypto communities with a fair and transparent platform. Unity is the key here.”

What is the Bithumb family?

The Bithumb family is a digital economic platform and financial ecosystem consisting of individuals, institutions, and enterprises in both the blockchain and traditional finance industry.

Key members of the Bithumb Family are as follows:

  1. Bithumb: Korean leading digital asset trading platform
  2. Bithumb Global: Worldwide distributed digital asset trading platform
  3. Bithumb SG: Singapore local trading platform
  4. Bithumb Chain: Blockchain value network
  5. Bithumb Custody: Crypto asset custody for everything
  6. Bithumb Blockchain Economy: Discover and foster business opportunities of the future
  7. Bithumb STO: Universal solutions for compliant ex-assets
  8. Bithumb OTC: Institutional trading services for instant liquidity
  9. Bithumb DEX: Decentralized trading platform

Bithumb Chain: Empowering the Bithumb family

Bithumb Chain aims to enable the transfer of value, the flow of information, and vertical business integration within a shared blockchain ecosystem. Bithumb Chain is designed as a powerful supplement to existing products, services, and infrastructure. This, in turn, should help every product and platform of the Bithumb family to capture value from both upstream and downstream of the trading business.

With Bithumb Chain being the virtual representation of an interconnected modern city – A blockchain city; the products, platforms, and services provided by the Bithumb Family could represent the vital infrastructure of such a city, similar to schools, companies, hospitals, and stadiums.

To further bolster the infrastructure of this virtual city representing the Bithumb Chain ecosystem, Bithumb Family will use a variety of new technologies adding to the value network of the blockchain.

Some examples of such new technologies would be a creative EaaS [Exchange-as-a-Service], which is a unique protocol PSP [Profit Sharing protocol].

The EaaS allows users to one-click access to the service. Furthermore, the service charge is customizable depending on the settings of the PSP transaction agreement, offering both ease and autonomy for users. The service charge, in turn, becomes part of the income that would be liquidated as soon as the transaction is completed.

Charging standards, charging accounts, and supported transaction pairs, are simplified to facilitate the use of the same trading protocol, thereby enhancing efficiency. By incentivizing the use of the exchanges, coupled with the simple settings as mentioned, this not only maximizes profit for those that open exchanges, it also provides a novel way to liquidate similar wallet applications.

 About Bithumb Global

Bithumb Global is the global arm of Bithumb Korea, which is one of the top exchanges in the world, with a collective transaction volume exceeding 1 trillion US dollars. Bithumb Global is designed to facilitate every global user to trade, participate, or contribute to the digital assets ecosystem with ease.

Bithumb Global aims to become a user-friendly digital asset ecosystem with tighter security measures of international standards and increased liquidity. For more information on Bithumb Global, please visit the website.


Lin Xu, PR Manager

Disclaimer: This a paid post, and should not be treated as news/advice.

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