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CryptoGames: A haven for the ardent gambler!

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CryptoGames: A haven for the ardent gambler!

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From prehistoric times people have invented ways to keep themselves entertained. As time rolled on more effective ways of entertainment were created, until humans finally came upon the divine art of gambling. This form of entertainment fills one’s heart with joy with the added benefit of lining up one’s pocket. Today, the gambling sector is booming, with innovations in the industry such as
online casinos, bringing in more gamblers than ever. The concept of online casinos is the epitome of human evolution – people can relish the quality entertainment that casinos provide while sitting in the comfort of their homes. However, with such advancements in gambling, some horrendous issues have also come to light. The internet is filled with online attackers who will stop at nothing to get
hold of gambler’s cryptocurrency. Moreover, advancements in technology have also brought about fraudulent online casinos that exist solely to steal from their users whilst making false promises of quality entertainment and security. These sites have libraries filled with hundreds of lackluster games most of which have zero entertainment values. Some of these sites even do not hand over winners their winnings! Hundreds and thousands of unsuspecting gamblers are victims of these atrocious criminals every day, losing motivation and cryptocurrency to these disgraceful sites.

The exemplary gambling site recognized as CryptoGames can provide an escape from all of these. Choice of the ardent gambler, CryptoGames possesses a set of attributes that would make any gambling casino jealous. It has an extremely impressive resume of being reliable, secure, and provably fair, all the things expected from the best gambling casinos of the world.

Why should CryptoGames be your first choice?

CryptoGames is run by a team of extremely talented individuals who dexterously handle all the issues concerned with the site and who take care of its booming community of users. The moderators are sufficiently equipped to face any problems the site might face and communicate effectively with the gamblers who use the site about any queries or feedback they might have. CryptoGames is home to a community of like-minded gamblers who are open-minded and wish to make as many friends as possible, all while gambling safely. Furthermore, the super-secure and flexible payment options, that CryptoGames possess, make deposits and withdrawals extremely
convenient and easy. The library of exhilarating games draws gargantuan numbers of gamblers who are looking to have fun and earn cryptocurrency at the same time. Lastly, CryptoGames is equipped with security protocols that would make the attempts of the most dangerous hackers futile. It has taken numerous security measures that provide an impenetrable layer of security to user funds, so
the user can focus on games instead of worrying about security.

Take a glance at the CryptoGames Fantastic Library of Entertaining Games!

CryptoGames possesses a collection of simple and exhilarating games that will undoubtedly provide quality entertainment to any gambler that plays them. The games are equipped with numerous tutorials, which possess sufficient details to help anyone master the game at lightning speed. CryptoGames has chosen to provide a smaller number of games as it intends to not impede the decisions of most gamblers who use the site. The list of the exciting games that CryptoGames offers are –


The popular and exciting game known as Dice has a wide range of potential outcomes (0.000-99.999). The game is won if a player predicts if the outcome of the rolling of the dice produces a higher or lower value than a predetermined number. Despite being a game with a few simple rules, this game always manages to provide intense rivalry between players.


One of the most popular games in the casino world, Roulette is a favorite amongst the gamblers here at CryptoGames. It is the French word for “little wheel”. CryptoGames version of Roulette is a “European”, which uses the same payout table as the American edition but possesses half the house edge due to the single zero that is present on the 37-number wheel. This game draws huge prizes and is a battleground for devoted gamblers.


The slot is one of the most popular casino games in the world. It is played on four reels that spin back and forth before stopping. A gambler can claim a payout only if four selected symbols line up in the middle of the slot. CryptoGames offers “single line” slots along with a horizontal pay line. A maximum of 5 BTC can be won in this fantastic game of luck and wit.


The banking game knows as Blackjack is a game that puts luck to the ultimate test. Here, players compete to possess a hand that has points nearer to 21 than the banker. This game, though simple in nature, has gamblers who are committed to winning at all costs.


Lotto originates from the lottery and is a game where players buy tickets. The tickets determine who has the right to claim the ultimate prize. CryptoGames hosts two draws every week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There are three winners, who are handed all of the cryptocurrency accumulated via ticket revenue.


A delightful game that involves a ball bouncing down from the top of a pyramid, Plinko is a common favorite among fun-loving gamblers. Here, a user has to choose an amount to bet and a payoff value is assigned after which the ball is allowed to bounce to the bottom of the pyramid.

Video Poker

Video Poker is a very popular game that manages to draw huge winnings frequently. CryptoGames has three variants of the game known as Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker. The games can be easily toggled from the top left corner of the CryptoGames game board.


The game called Minesweeper has existed from the time the internet was made public. This prehistoric game has a playing field where players press on as multiple boxes and try to avoid hitting mines. CryptoGames only accepts bets that have a profit not greater than 4 BTC (maximum win per bet), which means if the current win reward is greater than 4 BTC additional fields become inaccessible.

CryptoGames has impenetrable security

Atrocious hackers always surf the internet on the lookout for any weak signs of security that they can penetrate and steal huge amounts of Cryptocurrency. Unfortunately for these horrendous attackers, CryptoGames has taken numerous measures to provide its users with sufficient protection. The site uses two-factor authentication and SSL encryption to protect its users from threats of all sorts even if users’ passwords are somehow compromised. Withdrawals must always be confirmed via emails; therefore it is impossible for hackers to steal Cryptocurrency without full cooperation from the users themselves. Lastly, user funds are stored in cold wallets, therefore even
if the casino under direct attack, the user funds would still be inaccessible to the poor hackers.

The deposit and withdrawal options make financial transactions smooth and convenient

CryptoGames supports over 10 types of cryptocurrencies, making the issues of payment extremely easy and efficient for its wonderful user base. Users can make transactions with any of the following cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Gas, PlayMoney, Monero, Stratis, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum Classic. After correctly depositing currency, the user is granted free access to all games with the added option of switching between supported cryptocurrency types via the built-in exchange system, anytime they want. Users can also choose to withdraw currency whenever they please, without any unnecessary hassles. CryptoGames also has integrated
CoinSwitch on its platform enabling gamblers to deposit reputed coins they own to one of the coins supported by the casino.

CryptoGames is famous for being provably fair

CryptoGames is popular for being completely unbiased and impartial as it always treats its users fairly. Winners are granted with their winnings immediately after winnings and no legitimate winnings are held back. The games are provably fair, as hashes and seeds are used. Randompicker, A third party website, is used to judge draws of the lotto to provide unbiased and completely random results of the lottery. Reputed for possessing one of the lowest house edges in the gambling casino business, CryptoGames presents its users with an awestruck advantage over most casinos. The house edge of dice is only 0.8% further reinstating the site’s desire to provide its users with fantastic odds.

Some last words

In today’s world, a gambler must decide on the best option available to him. In a world filled with hundreds and thousands of casinos, he has to recognize fraudulent casinos and avoid them in order to protect his valuable investment from cryptocurrency-hungry entities. CryptoGames is the perfect choice in accordance with these fraudulent sites as it does the exact opposite of what these conniving casinos practice. It is probably fair, is equipped with a library of engaging games, and has impenetrable security, making users feel safe and relieved. So do not delay, join CryptoGames immediately, and provide yourself with the gambling experience of a lifetime!

Disclaimer: This a paid post, and should not be treated as news/advice.


A Psychology and Journalism graduate, Rakshitha focuses on UK and Indian markets. As a crypto-journalist, her interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.
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