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Credits Blockchain Platform Joins Oracle for Startups Program

Rakshitha Narasimhan



Source: Credits 8

The Credits blockchain platform has announced that it was recently included in the Oracle for Startups Program. The collaboration is intended to allow the blockchain project to combine its technological solutions with those developed by the leading cloud services provider.

The collaboration agreement between the Credits decentralized solutions provider and the Oracle for Startups Program is an important step in the development of the blockchain project and can open new opportunities for the platform by extending its solutions onto more markets with the addition of world-class cloud services. Given that Oracle Cloud solutions provide an optimal environment for launching nodes, the Credits platform will be able to offer new services to the video games, cloud storage, royalty program, and other business sectors.

The Oracle for Startups program is a specialized accelerator launched specifically for establishing partnerships and collaboration between startups and potential business partners alongside Oracle itself. The program offers free cloud storage services to its participants and a network of consulting services from mentors and experts. The scope of products offered by the project includes Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Blockchain, Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Analytics Cloud, Container Engine for Kubernetes, Oracle Integration Cloud, and many more.

The Credits blockchain platform is one of the leading decentralized services providers for a broad range of industries, including video gaming, petrochemicals, supply chain management, logistics, and others. The blockchain infrastructure developed by the Credits platform operates on the basis of the innovative PoA algorithm with lightning-fast transactions cost.

The cooperation between the Oracle for Startups Program and the Credits platform is set to expand the project’s capabilities and is an important milestone in its development. The combination of solutions offered by Oracle and Credits could mean the advent of a unified decentralized and cloud technology that would be attractive to a large number of businesses from a variety of industries.

Disclaimer: This article has not been written by AMBCrypto. Readers are advised to do their due diligence before making any financial decisions.

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