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‘A whole new rewritten Haskell Cardano’ in Jan 2020: Charles Hoskinson

Chayanika Deka



Charles Hoskinson says Cardano ecosystem is moving in right direction
Source: Unsplash

Cardano is the first cryptocurrency to be based on the Haskell code. The team had previously elaborated that Haskell’s modularity and composability allowed IOHK to leverage “a lighter weight bespoke library called Time Warp for Cardano” and the rapid evolvement of Haskell libraries, the language, can be used to write production applications.

To avoid ambiguity and human error, IOHK, the parent firm of Cardano, embraced functional programming languages, Haskell being the most notable one. One of the primary reasons behind choosing Haskell was the fact that it provided “the right balance of practicality and theory”.

“A whole new rewritten Haskell Cardano will be pushed to the consumer in January 2020”, revealed IOHK Founder Charles Hoskinson. He also discussed the flurry of upgrades on “decentralized element”- the Shelley testnet. In the latest AMA session, Hoskinson said the team was also preparing for Haskell Shelley Testnet likely in the same month.

In another update, Hoskinson revealed that the Cardano team has been building an Explorer for the much-awaited incentivized testnet.

“Things are certainly moving in the right direction, incentivized testnet is still scheduled for November. We’ll go ahead and make an announcement sometime this week or next week about specifics for that as well as the airdrop date of when we are going to the snapshot.”

At the moment, the developers are yet to decide whether there will be one or two snapshots and the time between the first two snapshots would essentially be a trial run since the mining is not real. According to the CEO, a mechanism like this in place would give users access to their testnets to stake ADA and also time to remediate if a problem arises.

Chayanika is a full-time cryptocurrency journalist at AMBCrypto. A graduate in Political Science and Journalism, her writing is centered around regulation and policy-making regarding the cryptocurrency sector.



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    October 25, 2019 at 12:32 am

    Take what Hoskinson says with a grain of salt.Cardano say a lot but never meet deadlines,or announced dates.

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    Mathcad dev

    October 26, 2019 at 10:40 pm

    Been following this project a long time, I work in Research and Development myself and know the pains of delays, so I empathise with Charles Hoskinson.

    The ICO mania with hundreds of projects simply copying the bitcoin source code has given the wrong impression to many, and simply created impatient moon boys!

    In actual fact the crypto market is still in its infancy and this is the only project that has bothered to do the formal research, so you should be keeping a close eye on this one in 2020!

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