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SuperB Grace Limited (RRMatrix) is the definition of decentralized integrated computing power marketplace platform

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SuperB Grace Limited (RRMine) is the definition of decentralized integrated computing power marketplace platform

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SuperB Grace Limited (RRMatrix) is a decentralized integrated computing power marketplace based on blockchain technology, which provides open and transparent computing assets on-chain, pricing, trading and other online market services to global customers. It is the first decentralized computing asset management and trading platform in the world.

In this epidemic, RRMatrix, as a representative of the digital economy, has a high degree of digitalization in all aspects of its business, from products to marketing. So, the negative impact of the epidemic has no effect on its business. There is a positive correlation between the cash flow and the scale of the platform.

Designed to provide cross-industry computing asset trading service for global users, RRMatrix focuses on the innovation of blockchain technology and products.

Cecilia MA, SG Board Secretary, in a recent interview with AMBCrypto, talked about the technology behind SuperB Grace Limited, the use of blockchain technology and the upcoming plans of the platform.

What exactly is SuperB Grace Limited?

It is the world’s first decentralized computing power marketplace infrastructure backboned by blockchain technology, built upon a top-100 public chain and smart contracts(DeFi/DEX). The aim is to integrate and mobilize idle computing resources, algorithm producers, as well as computing power suppliers with DApp users and AGENT on-chain for mass customization and also to provide On-Chain, Pricing, and Trading market services for multiple computing power applications such as CryptoCurrency, IPFS, Genetic and AI.

Tell us about the technology behind SuperB Grace Limited.

SG is a technology-driven innovation company. From the perspective of technology application, we think the decentralized computing power market is doing great right now, and it’s the best time to build infrastructure through technology. RRMatrix, the platform of SG, and our own internal operations are all implemented on-chain, achieving digital governance.

From the perspective of technical concepts, SG is different from many technology enterprises. We believe that real innovation should be based on the underlying springhead, which is the innovation source, the motive(such as Bach’s music and Cezanne’s motif), the first driving force of the architecture. 

In terms of technology strategy, our R & D and technology investment are also ecotype strategies that not only invest in our own business R & D but also support public chain BHP as well as share our algorithm and technology. Our infrastructure was designed to attract and motivate more scientists and Algorithm Engineers to optimize, promote and to contribute to the development of whole computing power ecology. Users and scientists share the dividends brought by high-tech computing power on our platform so that everyone can enjoy computing power easily.

How does SuperB help in the betterment of blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is constantly evolving, and the so-called “security, efficiency, fairness” and solutions that can achieve the impossible triangle relationship are also being explored, including Ethereum and other head public chains that make a lot of investment in technology. We also make continuous technical investment and contribution to the underlying public chain BHP. We have got many technical improvements, such as the realization of “Real-Time Pricing” function of our infrastructure on-chain, which is an improvement of efficiency on the basis of security and fairness, and the first DEX that supports this function. 

There are two key points in the promotion of blockchain technology. The first thing is the underlying infrastructure, technology should be invested at the base to build a pure chain. This is the cold-start mode that requires investment and precipitation. The second is the application scenario. The development of blockchain technology is driven by applications, not techno-utopian. These two are indispensable to each other, otherwise, it is easy to fall into the mismatch between the commercial pre-sale cycle and the technology iteration cycle, which is also a problem that many projects often encounter.

Tell us a bit about RRMatrix’s digital economic model? How is it useful in today’s world?

From a market perspective, the core of RRMatrix’s digital economy model is around computing power assets. The underlying computing power is actually technical services, which directly affect digital currency, data, and digitization of physical assets. So with the development of the digital economy, there is huge room for growth in the computing power market. Compared with centralized computing power, it generates innovative liquidity and will further explore the market.

In fact, the economic model behind is very innovative and is a stable mechanism and matching mechanism. In simple terms, after up to another level, the digital economy is able to further allocate market resources and make existing computing power capabilities to play a greater role. On the one hand, it reduces the cost of the current market suppliers. On the other hand, it reduces the users’ entry threshold. Therefore, real Web 3.0 is a digital economy. Compared with the traditional Internet model, it is very light assets.

This model is actually an opportunity for disruptive innovation for the current economic environment. The general industrial Internet is mostly gradual innovation for industrial upgrading. In the digital economy promoted by innovative technologies such as blockchain, AI and big data, there will be opportunities for disruptive innovation. 

What makes you say that RRMatrix is a unique business model in the computing world?

Take RRMine, the product on RRMatrix, as an example. If you use the value proposition to draw an industry map, its model is smoothing the fluctuating cryptocurrency industry curve. So, the suppliers and demanders can achieve a win-win situation. All competitions of our single product can achieve a win-win situation on our platform model on a compliance basis.

In fact, in the current market stage, the platform technology is a tool, and our core solution is positioning and pricing of computing power. Therefore, RRMatrix is a marketplace instead of a competitive model. It is a win-win ecosystem of computing power

RRMatrix has not been affected by the recent epidemic. How is that?

In the “Covid-19”, SuperB Grace Limited, as the representative of the digital economy, is extremely digitized in aspects of products, operations, and marketing, etc. So the negative impact of Covid-19 on the physical industry chain has no effect on SG business. On the contrary, due to the obstruction of physical consumption, the digital asset services (computing power products) provided by SG have played a substitutive effect and the business has grown rapidly. The cash flow is positively related to the platform scale. 

This epidemic is also a verification of the platform model. It shows several advantages by analyzing the current model: 

  1. The exponential growth of cash proportional to the scale
    In fact, the RRMatrix model has already issued the prototype of the fourth model of the Industrial Internet, which broke the balance of profit & loss of Internet enterprise and was verified by the market on the business model. The platform’s cash flow is positively correlated with scale, and this effect has grown exponentially with the development of the platform.
  2. The degree of digitization geometrically improves efficiency
    As another aspect of the optimal model of the Industrial Internet, its degree of digitization is extremely high. So it reduces the traditional operational efficiency in terms of product iteration, algorithm evolution, and community operation.
  3. Tier I asset-light control limited risk
    Compared with the online Internet, The traditional offline model is a heavy asset as well as  a centralized traditional Internet model compared with a decentralized digital economy. Compared with the heavy asset, the light asset has a lower operating cost and a lower risk. 
  4. Marginal Increase and Extreme Situation
    Under the digital economy, the Technological Explosion and Black Swan Events in the market will bring extreme situations, which will cause the market and short-term “zero” or tend to be infinite. In this case, the traditional barriers to Internet experience have a negative impact on output, which means that large factories must revolutionize themselves to adapt to the environment. The digital economy will give full play to the advantages of digitalization, the Black Swan Events and technology explosion have their positive mediation mechanisms. This is the verification of the digital economy.

Tell us about your strategic goal regarding the global market. Also, what’s in store for SuperB in 2020? 

The most important is our global regional expansion. We have deployed more than 10 branches and offices and 20 in vitro community nodes around the world. These institutions and nodes will play an important role in 2020. In 2019, our main users will come from mainland China, Twaiwan(China), and Japan, and in 2020, we will expand our business to the Middle East, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

The second is the launch of our new computing power categories. We will launch AI computing power, IPFS computing power, and genetic computing power under development in 2020. In addition, we will further optimize and upgrade the current product portfolio for digital currency computing power.

The other is the derivative services DEX and DeFi for computing power products and users. In 2020, the DEX business volume will increase significantly with the realization of the underlying real-time pricing function. The layout of the DeFi business has been launched at the end of 2019 and will be completed in 2020 to further meet users’ needs.

Finally, as a decentralized computing power infrastructure platform, we will support and introduce more computing power resources to be on-the-chain and join our platform.

Disclaimer: This a paid post, and should not be treated as news/advice.


A Psychology and Journalism graduate, Rakshitha focuses on UK and Indian markets. As a crypto-journalist, her interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.
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