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ProfitFarmers: Profitable crypto-trading now made easy

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Ever get that feeling when you’ve been pushed into the deep end with no idea of what’s happening or what might happen next? Well, trading in the cryptocurrency market can often feel that way, especially to those who are new to the industry and its mechanics.

What then? Well, as humans, we are programmed by the need to observe and replicate the behavior of those who know better. “Experts” in any sector or field are often the benchmark against whom our own performances are measured.

This is the sentiment that has driven the emergence of copy-trading of late.

However, long-term and profitable copy-trading isn’t as easy as it sounds. 

Rather, it wasn’t easy… until now, thanks to ProfitFarmers and its suite of AI-managed Trading Signals.

As ProfitFarmers puts it,

“Trading crypto profitably is like trying to ace a moon landing: IT’S REALLY F*****G HARD”

But, what if you had a co-pilot with decades of experience and supercomputing power to do everything for you. No need to learn all the buttons, plot a course, and stick the landing directly on the Man on the Moon’s nose.

“Well, now the Moon landing sounds REALLY F*****G EASY.”

You only have to add fuel, choose your entry, and let the co-pilot handle everything else.”

That’s exactly what ProfitFarmers does for crypto traders.

What is ProfitFarmers?

Well, at its most basic, ProfitFarmers is a signal copy-trading platform built on a promise of trust and transparency.

How do you know you can trust ProfitFarmers? Well, with absolutely no commissions or fees, we know PF isn’t interested in users’ trading capital. Instead, they are interested in making the trading experience as smooth and easy as possible with a host of FAQ and tutorial videos to help traders along the way.

How do you know PF is transparent? Well, the platform is linked to Binance via an API, and this is where all trades take place. A user’s trading capital remains on Binance at all times, never once passing through ProfitFarmers. That screams credibility. 

That’s not all either as ProfitFarmers is also very upfront about how its results and stats are calculated and presented, quelling any skepticism about its high win rates and success stories.

What does ProfitFarmers do?

Simply put, ProfitFarmers plans and executes semi-automated and profitable trading plans through Binance. How does PF do this? Copy-trading, yes, but that’s perhaps an oversimplification of what ProfitFarmers does. In fact, the long answer is PF allows you to copy-trade “expert” trade signals that have a significantly high historical win-rate.

If you are new to the platform, all you need to do is sign up, connect your Binance account, choose one of the fresh trading signals produced by ProfitFarmers’ own algorithm and step back.

Before doing that, a user can also simply follow a trading signal by keeping it in their watchlist, while also keeping track of all the fresh and closed trades on the platform.

Why step back? Well, because this is where PF will take over. Since these signals are semi-automated, ProfitFarmers will track and take appropriate action via Binance, from entry to exit. This means that if you have a trade that needs to be placed at a certain price, or even a stop-loss order that needs to be taken care of, ProfitFarmers will deal with it for you.

What does this ensure? Well, it allows the trading experience to be completely stress-free, one not driven by FOMO or price alarms, but one driven by data and assisted risk management.

While copy-trading via semi-automated Trading Signals is often enough, for ProfitFarmers, it’s not. 

Designed for more experienced and active crypto-traders, ProfitFarmers also offers its customers a selection of other tools, each of which opens up a wider scope of trading opportunities. 

These tools include the Price Action Scanner, the RSI scanner, and a brand-new trading terminal that makes the trading experience even more convenient.

That’s not all. Remember when I said that ProfitFarmers is built on a foundation of trust and customer support? Well, it’s true, something evidenced by the fact that PF offers a 30-day moneyback guarantee, whatever plan you pick, whether it is a monthly ($299/M), quarterly ($200/M), or a yearly ($167/M) plan.

Further, PF has also made available ProfitFarmers Academy, a free-to-use set of over 30 videos that helps users navigate and best use its trading systems to churn out profitable trades.

The keyword in the above section is profitable. That’s what trading is all about after all, isn’t it? How does ProfitFarmers do on that front? Well, pretty good actually.


Just consider PF’s Trading Signals results for the month of November 2020. In 30 days, PF’s algorithms generated 256 trading signals, out of which 81% hit Target 1 (Here, the higher the target hit, the higher the % gain earned) and emerged as winners. What is even more interesting here is that 61% of these signals hit Targets 2,3 or 4.

In fact, the average profits per target chart makes for even better viewing.

ProfitFarmers also releases quarterly reports at regular intervals, with the latest one revealing that 1,057 out of a total 1,357 trades were winners.

What is even better is that ProfitFarmers has gone the extra mile here. The platform isn’t satisfied with publishing results and letting it be, instead, Founder Matthew Tansley walks the platform’s users through the results, while also making available a webpage that explains how these results are calculated and compiled. That is transparency.

Such results have elated many who are using ProfitFarmers’ platform, an observation evidenced by a host of happy video testimonials by the platform’s users.

Are there better options?

Now, with results such as these, it is only understandable that users would want to compare it with platforms and groups that offer such services. So, let’s draw a comparison, shall we?

Trading Signal Groups ProfitFarmers
Very difficult to identify real groups Transparent with its trading signals and results
Involves a lot of manual work Semi-Automated, hassle-free trading
Question mark on profitability Data-driven, assured results


Trading Bots Profit Farmers
Question marks on credibility and can involve heavy-duty maintenance Automated, but customizable trading plans with a strong team monitoring everything


eToro Profit Farmers
Unknown, unproven trading decisions are the basis for copy-trading Trading signals used for trading are recommended by experts with a proven history of profitability
Commissions and fees can eat into the margin of profitability No commission or fees and the user keeps the entirety of the profits made
eToro’s own legal disclaimers warn that “76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider” According to PF’s latest quarterly reports, 78% of its signals scored a profit

What are the Pros?

  1. ProfitFarmers’ data-driven trading signals have a higher probability of higher profitability
  2. Easy interface and hassle-free platform that makes trading easier for everyone
  3. Integration with Binance comes with the credibility and security associated with the world’s largest crypto-exchange
  4. No hidden fees or commissions
  5. Customer support is unparalleled in light of the many resources available on the website
  6. Accessibility, something evidenced by the launch of its Android app

What are the Cons?

  1. This is not the platform for those who only want to make money quickly and get out – Not a get-rich-quick scheme
  2. ProfitFarmers recommends a minimum of $3000 in BTC or USDT to get the full value of membership, an amount that may not be available to all interested parties

On balance, it would seem that ProfitFarmers is the way to go if you’re into trading. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced investor, ProfitFarmers can cater to everyone’s needs and requirements, exposing you to profitable opportunities from day one. 

For more information, check out ProfitFarmers’ website, or their Twitter page.


Having studied Chemical Engineering, Akashnath's focus is on the UK and Indian markets and especially crypto assets. He is devoted to technical analysis and is always on the lookout for investment opportunities.
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