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Praem Capital: The New Chapter of Investing

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Praem Capital representatives have officially announced the launch of the company’s new landing page. According to Nicolas Durr, Founder and CEO of Praem Capital, a correct informational structure and the arrangement of the company’s business opportunities in a new, logical sequence will help clients to perceive information in the right way and allow visitors to find useful information, directing them to the desired area in a convenient and user-friendly manner.

Praem Capital, based and registered in Switzerland, aims to solve the essential issues faced by novice and experienced investors today. This includes asset unification, correct distribution of investment portfolios, ineffective strategic decisions, and small start-up capital, among other things. The company generates returns by simultaneously using the resources of the top five investment pools: Forex, Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Real Estate, and Venture markets. These segments have been selected based on the possibility of implementing the company’s exclusive trading strategies and financing instruments.

Praem Capital will soon participate in a public token sale, quite different from others of its kind. All funds received from investors will automatically be directed to financial instruments that will bring instant returns. An ERC-20 standard PRM token will allow investors to access several services until the ecosystem is launched. Each user will be able to choose one of six investment plans. Investment plans will be available only during the stage of the token sale. Each one provides investors with three main benefits: 

  1. Fixed profit from the financial instruments’ generated income
  2. PRM token
  3. Trading dip insurance

In case of a high dip, investors’ trading balances will be topped up with 50-100% of the funds in order to continue carrying out profitable orders. Once the covered dip returns back to its normal level, the funds are automatically returned. Praem Capital is able to provide this huge “advantage” thanks to a mutually beneficial partnership.

The agreement provides trading insurance in risky situations that do not have universal technical solutions, which minimizes the possibility of capital loss. For the investor to assess the benefits of the future ecosystem at the stage of the token sale, Praem, in partnership with the Luxembourg Hedge-Fund, applied a unique, balanced project financing system. Investors’ money is immediately directed to the operation of financial instruments, as the Fund finances the completion of the ecosystem based on a private blockchain in proportion to the amount of each purchased plan. 

(read more about the details in the Praem Capital Whitepaper)

During two months of the token sale, investors can update their plans using their increased capital, which consists of:

  1. Interest in the financial instrument-generated income.
  2.  PRM token growth. 

The Token Price depends on Praem’s total capitalization, which is composed of transaction excess profit and AI market value. The more different transactions the bots execute, the more data AI acquires for further learning. Improving its IQ, it gains market value.

(for more details, check WP or Landing page)

 All investing plans will be valid indefinitely when investors switch to the ready-made ecosystem. Those who won’t be able to join Praem Capital during the token sale will have the opportunity to purchase a subscription in the future.

Risk minimization is ensured by removing the human factor through the automated operation of trading bots developed by Praem Capital and receiving investment decisions from Artificial Intelligence. The introduction of the Private Blockchain into the ecosystem ensures the complete synchronization of financial instruments.

The ability to combine the work of bots and Artificial Intelligence provides the implementation of Praem Capital’s innovative idea – ​​cross-niche trading. Prem’s approach allows for the simultaneous implementation of newly discovered opportunities and profitable trade entries into different markets while continuing to offer clients a strong level of capital security.

The Praem approach, as the company’s team calls it, increases the likelihood of a positive outcome for investors – each of the five above mentioned markets is selected based on implementing distinct trading strategies and financial instruments. It is worth mentioning that Praem Capital in-house develops all of them. Advanced technologies and business solutions using various trading bots, Artificial Intelligence, a Private Blockchain, and trading dip insurance are all skillfully combined, providing innovative and workable solutions for all types of investors and giving Praem a distinct advantage over competitors.

In the words of CEO Nicolas Durr: “Individual technologies do not allow us to solve the problems of investment security completely. Praem Capital brings together modern investment solutions for high profit and low-risk trading”. Among other things, the experienced investor talks about the AI and trading algorithms the company uses as part of its financial instruments.

Throughout 2019, Praem Capital’s financial instruments demonstrated high-performance indicators. When used on the Forex and cryptocurrency markets, the Scalping and Trend Bots demonstrated an average monthly yield of 16-22%, yet the stock market Trend Bot revealed profits of only 6-8% for the same period. In 2020, due to increased market volatility as a result of the dramatic changes in the economy, the bots even managed to achieve 30% multiple times. With existing technology and multi-level transactions, even a low-income niche can earn good returns. For example, the average yield is 8-12% per annum for the real estate market. Cross-niche trading can significantly increase those numbers. 

(Full statistics are available upon request) 

Nicolas Durr PhD, 57, and his team’s extensive experience in developing Praem’s algorithms and data analytics will simplify the entire investing process and allow even a novice investor to feel secure and receive stable passive, and long-term income. The world requires new approaches and unique technological solutions in the field of investment, which Praem Capital is ready to provide. In the opinion of the company’s officials, their system is the beginning of reality and the implementation of ambitious global goals. 

As Nicolas explains, “All these years I have worked to change the world for the better, so innovation could better serve society. This approach takes into account all the intellectual achievements of our company.

It is known that most businesses exist in order to earn a return for the business owners. I hope to be an example that business interests and altruism can coexist. This is the message I want to convey to the whole world and to every person in particular. All changes start with us, so if we don’t go in this direction today, then who will and when?”

Praem Capital’s new landing page will give users more insight into the company, the technologies they developed, and everything about the upcoming token sale (featuring tokenomics, trading statistics, an incredibly detailed roadmap, and, of course, Praem Capital’s White Paper). Most importantly, existing and potential investors will now have access to a user-friendly overview of their earning capital opportunities with conveniently listed investment plans. The site’s concise, yet informative design, will allow visitors to focus on only the necessary information while enjoying its modern layout and navigation.

For more information, please visit the following website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered as news/advice.


Akshay focuses on UK and Indian markets. As a crypto-journalist, his interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.
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