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Marry, snog, or avoid the top 3 best referral programs: terms of engagement

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The top 3 referral programs in crypto: how to choose if all your options are brilliant.

How to pick the best crypto exchange referral program out there? Leg work? Done. Comparisons? Drawn. Fluff? Erased. All that’s left to do is read.

Looking for the best referral programs out there so you can start flirting with the concept of new crypto exchanges? We can’t blame you. The crypto niche is delicious. There’s something so irresistible about the technologies of the future.

Everything in and around the next-gen tech niche is so exciting! The work to achieve real immortality by scientists in Japan, flying taxis in Dubai, Sophia the cyborg straight out of Azimov’s novel…Gangsters use drones to transport drugs. Police use other drones with nets to catch them. Gangsters use other drones to catch drones that catch the drug drones.

“We haven’t had this much fun in years”

Tokyo PD

Why go next-gen?

The future is now, and, what’s even better, it’s impossibly possible, meaning everything you can think of will quite soon be doable. And it’s also tons of fun. No, really.

Maybe even 10 years ago if you lost an arm in a factory accident you were done and dusted. These days you can lose both and you’ll get two WAY COOLER mechanoid arms so you’ll look like Jax from Mortal Combat.

You can join an exchange with no money and start earning hundreds a day.

You can pack subdermal wallets so you will never, ever get robbed because there’s no physical possibility of finding out you have something on you ( $150 000 is surgically implanted in your lower back). To access your crypto exchange account you have to shake your booty in front of the PC).

And it’s all actually true.

The downer, of course, here is the money. The problem is that if you don’t have money biomechanical arms and flying taxes will just be out of reach for you (if you lost an arm, literally).

The great thing about this downer is that you can make money literally out of thin air without ever leaving your house. Thankfully, there is a genocidal virus on the loose, and now you have no option but to be stuck inside. The genius answer in this seemingly helpless situation is trading. Not only can you use the virus to your advantage – there was never a better time to make money.

At crypto exchanges, you can make hundreds provided you know what you’re doing. You can literally make anything you want happen. There’s never been a time like ours.

Where to start

Crypto exchanges are awesome because they’re based on a concept designed by a ninja hacker and as you use it you can become one with the crypto world and benefit from all its magical powers.

Send money across the world with hardly any expenses – done. Do any business you like with whoever – done. Buy anything.  Arrange anything. It’s physically impossible to stop you. You’re Jack Reacher. You’re Knight and Day. You’re in charge of Mission Impossible. And nothing. And no-one. Can stop you.

Now, crypto exchanges are not only ripe with delicious bonuses and opportunities. They’re also extremely easy to get registered at. The chances are, there are many lying before you like amazon rainforests in all directions (not product placement).

And it’s highly likely you’ll be choosing one with the most attractive affiliate program. That’s the way most people get engaged. We really ought to be looking at smarts and loyalty in a life partner, but…you know. We always go for the looks first somehow. It’s the same with affiliate programs. Somehow, most people look for gorgeous affiliate programs when they choose an exchange.

And, like with the looks, it may very well be that the affiliate program (they’re massively underrated) is the most important thing (do your own research and study reviews first).

Let’s take a look at the top 3 affiliate programs out there today and why it’s worth giving them all a shot. These are all formidable businesses manned (and womanned) by beautiful people, and I really don’t know who deserves the crown here. Here are the options, you decide who gets the gold, the bronze, and the silver – and who you’re getting engaged with.


Your sugar daddy. Has tons of everything, connections, developed infrastructure, and the public’s trust (but getting hold of support takes eons, registration is a pain in the neck, and there was ✗a hack).

The affiliate program is “arguably the juiciest jumbo burger in crypto town”.

✓ Crypto heaven island of Malta is where it’s at

✓ 20% commission (40 if your invitee is a super-awesome trader master with over 500 BNB at hand)

✓ Get paid in crypto or fiat

✓ Referral levels limited.


The local sex symbol

Intuitively seductive, sleek, and sexy, this option feels good or even God, but you’re sure someone this hot will forever be sleeping with other people. Sigh.

This exchange hasn’t been around long but failed to generate complaints so far (I think) or get hacked like Binance. Unlike Huobi, it (✗) doesn’t offer margin trading though.

The affiliate program

✓  Infinite referral levels: get profits from endlessly multiplying levels of numbers of users

receive 4 types of different bonuses from the above unlimited number of affiliate levels

✓ The members invited by other affiliates generate most of your profits

✓ The binary tree structure creates  a spillover effect and benefits everyone with additional Diamond-grade incentives for hardcore teamwork

✗ No margin trading

✗ New

Exclusive: Get bonuses with NMX tokens and get 10% extra

Exclusive:10-rank system

Exclusive: Daily giveaways

Exclusive:: Gamification.


The geek

Targeted at Asian users, Huobi is also super-effective with the rest of the world.

Although ✗ 2FA allows you to log in from anywhere in the world without additional security checks, which isn’t great,  you can (✓) do crypto to fiat here. Its own little CIA service will monitor and hold down dodgy transactions. Impressive, but a little lackluster.

✓ Wants you to become a part of $1 000 000 000 000 daily volumes network and get a percentage from other users’ trading. Can you turn that down?

Exclusive: Invite your friends to register Huobi and easily get 30% rebates of their fees. Whoa.

✓ Some of the lowest fees in the industry.

✓ Get paid in USDT.

✗  Cashback only goes on for 3 months.

✗  Some parts of the platform are hieroglyphics (thanks)

✗ Referral levels limited


What will it be? Don’t forget to trade responsibly, and don’t drink and trade (too much).

Disclaimer: This a paid post, and should not be treated as news/advice.


A Psychology and Journalism graduate, Rakshitha focuses on UK and Indian markets. As a crypto-journalist, her interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.
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