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How ‘Fight To Fame’ is disrupting the entertainment industry

Yash Rajan



How 'Fight To Fame' is disrupting the entertainment industry

The entertainment industry has always been influenced by various trends and this year, the effect has been massive. With the rise of blockchain technology, things are bound to get even more interesting in Hollywood.

Several industries have already been exploring and using blockchain technology in their operations and this industry definitely wants to get on board. In fact, one company took the lead and introduced a different kind of business model that’s disrupting the status quo.

Propelling the average Joe’s career

The entertainment industry already reaches a wide audience but it seems like ‘Fight to Fame’ wants to reach an even wider crowd. By incorporating all three aspects of blockchain, movies and sports, their target demographic has become even more diverse.

With a diverse demographic, one can only expect a huge audience – something that will be of advantage for the show’s aspirants and their careers in the future.

The reality show invites average Joes from all over the world to try out their luck and aspire to become the world’s next big movie star. Although it’s an advantage for athletes to join this competition, contestants will still be trained in the second phase of the show.

During this phase, viewers can purchase tokens to support their favorite contestants and propel them towards success. Since these are average Joes, this kind of support already helps them advance their careers even if they won’t win.

And while a lot of reality shows work this way, its uniqueness is focused on the Fight to Fame blockchain. There aren’t many companies that have started using cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment but Fight to Fame took that leap of faith.

With this show, not only are contestants given the opportunity to improve themselves, but fans are also empowered to have a say on who gets to be the next biggest action star.

Disrupting the entertainment industry

It’s not common knowledge that the entertainment industry has been quite unfair to the very people who keep it alive. Artists get robbed of their hard-earned money from middlemen and it’s deterring talented people from even trying.

Fight to Fame plans to challenge this status quo and there are several reasons why it’s considered disruptive.

Not only will the show be transparent as it’s based on transparency, but it will also be beneficial for the very people who give it content. These contestants will receive the training and the support they need to jumpstart their careers – something uncommon in the industry.

Surely, with the guaranteed investments from film studios and production firms is enough to entice investors from all over the world to take a bet on the show’s success.

Another reason that it’s disrupting the industry is that it crazily incorporated three biggest industries into one business model – business, movie, and sports. This alone has challenged the limits of what reality shows can do but it definitely seems to succeed.

All these reasons justify why Fight to Fame is one of the most disruptive yet fresh concepts to enter Hollywood. Soon, other shows will follow its bold steps.

Disclaimer: This a paid post, and should not be treated as news/advice.

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