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Circle’s Jeremy Allaire claims Bitcoin’s growing adoption will drive individuals to convert long-term wealth into digital assets

Mark Prestwood



YR Bitcoin's growing adoption will drive individuals to convert some of their long-term wealth into digital assets, affirms Circle CEO
Source: Pixabay

Trade wars are usually good news for non-sovereign, highly secure digital stores of value. With Bitcoin [BTC] registering continuous growth in adoption rate, Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire pictures a scenario where individuals will convert a part of their long-term investment capital into digital assets.

Circle shared the interview with Global Coin Research over its official Twitter handle,

“@JoyceinNYC & @Globalcoinrsrch interview Circle CEO @jerallaire on $USDC stablecoin growth, crypto regulations, $BTC market activity, China’s digital yuan, and the crypto exchange landscape.”

Circle’s Jeremy Allaire also spoke about the fact that even with the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, revenue generations from digital coins is pulling in more prospective individuals towards stablecoins.

Allaire also shared his views on the United States’ SEC, stating that the financial regulatory body is just doing its job of safeguarding users and their interest against particular risks. These protective measures are necessary for the assets in order to keep them safe and protected, in addition to preventing individuals against frauds.

Allaire has made a very valid point about the growing importance of Bitcoin. Bitcoin has today emerged as a response to the global financial crisis. With the developer community looking forward to expand the script functions of Bitcoin, in order to achieve more smart contracts, the final aim is to build money programmable in more powerful ways.

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